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Me and my mate Willy are going on a ride. We don’t wear lycra. We are going to buy bikes (bmx’s probably) for under £50. We are going to stop at a brewery and we are going to get chips and local ales at the end. We don’t know which way we’re going to go yet. It kind of depends on the weather but we will end up in Walsall (where I’m from). London have enough rides, the rest of the country need more. On bmx’s. Or old shoppers.
Feel free to join us if you fancy (on a bike you’ve just bought for under £50). We’re not setting an agenda we’ll see what happens. We’re not sure if the bikes will make it as we’re not going to change any bits on them (apart from inner tubes, brakes and chains). We might draw on them with permanent markers and tipp ex.
We will ride as hard as we can but it isn’t a race and we haven’t ridden on bmx’s for years so I’m expecting cramp and to fall off if we go the off road way.
I’m going to take sandwiches with me and lots of water. If you wanna come just know this isn’t an organised ride and you’re responsible for you, your riding and your bike. We go off the riding principle “don’t be a dick”.

This is me and Willy before we did the London to Brighton thing last year